Johannesburg, 19 February 2015

Continental Outdoor continues their Digital OOH revolution into Angola


Roadside digital screens have, following Continental Outdoors’ rollout plan, hit  the streets of Angola. The four digital screens in Luanda, Angola can be found on strategic arterials  and provide clients with valuable opportunities to interact with their respective target markets.



The screens are located in Ilha de Luanda, 1 de Maio, 21 de Janeiro and Avenue Revolucao de Outbro. These will be the first of their kind in Angola in offering high quality and impactful opportunities broken down into day-parts.   will change the landscape of digital offerings to clients in the market and influence  how marketers communicate with their target markets. The networks that Continental Outdoor have built allow brands to do short term tactical campaigns, product launches and adhoc promotions. Long term brand building, product/service awareness and location targeting and dominance are also key benefits that the networks provide.


Brian Smith, General Manager for Continental Outdoor Media RoA states, “The installation of these units is an achievement of monumental proportions. Every unit is equipped with a generator that automatically kicks in if there is any interrupted power supply. The units had to be installed in the very early hours of subsequent mornings due to the ridiculous traffic in Luanda. The project had to be planned and executed meticulously and we could not have done it without the support of our local in-house operations team. All four units are now online and monitored from our Digital operations room at our Head Office in South Africa.’’

Distell has paved the way by being one of the 1st clients booked to flight their Nederburg brand with many more prominent brands showing a keen interest.  Continental Outdoor continues to be innovative and contemporary.