Continental Outdoor Media welcome Court direction on political copy display

With regard to the display of advertising for the Boycott Divestment Sanctions organisation (BDS), (a copy of the correct advertisement which forms the subject matter of this case is attached to the application papers before Court), Continental Outdoor Media welcomes the fact that the matter of displaying advertising for this organisation is entering the court process. Continental Outdoor Media is a privately owned billboard advertising company which harbours no political affiliation and nor is it qualified to adjudicate sensitive political copy without the facility of a qualified editorial department with political editors. Consequently it welcomes direction from the courts on the display of this advertising or any other advertising of a political nature not provided by a registered South African political party. The company also welcomes the court’s directive on who should adjudicate such copy should the courts decide such display is acceptable under any party’s right of free political speech or for any other reason the courts deem appropriate.

The matter remains sub judice.