Continental Outdoor Media and Icon Brand Yum Yum Shaking Nut campaignContinental Outdoor Media and Icon Brand Yum Yum Hammer campaign

Johannesburg, 17 September 2013

Yum Yum in collaboration with Continental Outdoor Media, use the outdoor advertising medium effectively to resolve overall business objectives. Yum Yum peanut butter was voted as one of South Africa’s top 30 Icon Brands in the Ask Afrika TGi Iconic Brand Awards hosted in Johannesburg in July 2013 and recently renewed their contract with Continental Outdoor Media.

This campaign used innovative technology on the billboard, a mechanical hammer moving up and down, a shaking nut, and shimmering disks were used for the camera flashes and cut-outs.  

“The Icon Brands were able to reinvent themselves by consistently earning them the nation’s trust. Although in some instances the product or service is not what changed, it is the brand’s positioning or marketing initiatives that are keeping them in the top position,” said Sarina de Beer, Managing Director of Ask Afrika.  Icon brands are ubiquitous and are quintessentially South African. They are used by South Africans of all races, creed or colour, irrespective of background or living standard. These are brands that define a common experience, often on a daily basis to which South Africans are committed to: they vote with their wallets and their hearts in demonstrating this commitment. South Africans love them, are loyal to them and will even look for them when abroad.  “We live in a world where the only constant is change and life is ever evolving. The same holds true not only for brands and human behaviour, but in particular consumer behaviour.  Spurred on by increasing competition, coupled with a volatile economic climate, sees brands - in particular big brands - no longer able to sit back and assume that consumers will continue to purchase their product simply because they always have,” commented de Beer.   “Icon Brands are those brands that remain consistent over time. These are brands that consistently create a relevant experience for consumers. Consumers are changing and this has many implications for brands. Brands need to adapt their strategies to remain relevant and foster an engagement with consumers on their current needs.” continued de Beer.  “Yum Yum (peanut butter) have created high impact outdoor campaigns that have been executed correctly in order to reach consumers. The clout of this outdoor campaign lies in the ability to ‘invite’ a customer into the brand. Innovative Outdoor executions have the power to work their way ‘into the brains’ of people like no other advertising medium,” said Lyn Jones, Continental Outdoor Media marketing manager.

She notes that effective outdoor advertising helps clients drive business growth because it answers the following questions: What are consumers not doing at the moment that you need them to be doing? What are consumers not thinking and feeling at the moment that you need them to be? And what are the barriers to be overcome in achieving this?

“In our virtual world, to see a brand physically embodied is a powerful way to raise awareness, create fame and to gauge the consumer,” said Jones.

The new brand positioning of Yum Yum was launched via the outdoor advertising medium in 2012. Out of Home gave the space for showcasing the new positioning, giving it a ‘big’ brand feel. Yum Yum also felt the creative would be most impactful on outdoor mediums that could easily transform into print at a later stage.