samsung 01 5f180580beSouth Africa's leading Airport outdoor advertising company, were approached to produce a massive 10,0 m tall "hand" for the Samsung cellphone advertisement to be erected at Johannesburg International Airport, they willingly accepted the challenge.

Mr.Bobby Makwetla, chairman of CCM says they were delighted to have had the opportunity to be involved in this innovative project. “These are the sort of challenges we relish”, he says. A model, one tenth the size of the 10m statue they were asked to create, was submitted to Samsung and after changes and re-shaping was approved by Mr. Randy Woo, of Samsung Korea, and Mr. Justin Hume, of Samsung SA.

The massive sign is a replica of statues at some of the world's leading international airports around the world. Clear Channel Merafe then obtained quotations for the manufacture and erection of the full scale statue. Once approved, the sculpture was produced using polyurethane. Final modifications were made and the supporting steel work designed and commissioned.

The two halves of the giant Samsung hand were laminated onto the steel work, joined and transported to the assembly site. Then it was the turn of the lighting engineers to produce the lighting required to illuminate the sign ready for the launch. The finished work is sure to have a major impact on the airport scene.