Largest contravision iconic landmark site in Africa!

cell-c-pinnacle 6968c43eadCell C have taken ownership of the largest contravision iconic landmark site in Africa by wrapping the two counter tips of the Diagonal Street Building in the Johannesburg CBD. The magnitude of the building wrap ensures that the message is Cell C seen from everywhere!

The complexity of the design, production, and installation was project-managed from inception by Clear Channel Outdoor. The 3420m² surface area, printed by Hirt & Carter, is made up of 106 panels per side, all of different sizes due to the shape of the building. Installation was further complicated by heat, rain and wind during the day, which necessitated that all work by Clear Channel Outdoor be performed during the night. The site took 6 absail flighters 28 nights to flight.

Simon Camerer, Head of marketing Cell C is exceptionally proud of this landmark as it reinforces the company's passion for the city. We have championed the rejuvenation of the inner city through Art in the City as well as Sounds of the City, and are affirming our love for this unique city, Jozi. In addition we believe that the fact the sign can be seen from almost anywhere in the city can serve as a testament to our state of the art network which now carries 84% of our traffic on our very own network.