flightIconic, high impact sites such as building wraps and wall murals are the perfect format to generate rapid reach and awareness for new brands or brand extensions. Cut-outs, extensions and specific printing techniques do much to enhance the effectiveness of an outdoor campaign. This, over and above the massive square metreage of iconic sites, provides additional impact and extends the creative effectiveness of a campaign. The production and flighting process, often highly technical and demanding of skill, requires experienced and safety-conscious operators.

The new outdoor advertising campaign for Lux makes best use of two of INM Outdoors' high impact sites in Braamfontein on Noswal House, and the massive wall mural on the M1 below Wits University, using practical, yet highly effective production techniques. The sheer size and magnitude of each site provide certain production challenges that require flighting crews with both absailing and billboard posting abilities.

The M1 wall mural, measuring 5m x 20m consists of 5 flexfaces and 4 vinyl strips which fit in between each flexface, which ensures the smooth blending of the material. This particular creative has extensions of the "milk" jugs which took 3 days to manufacture. As this site is situated on a major highway flighting of this site could only take place on a Saturday. Permission from the Metro police, which can take up to 2 weeks, had to be granted prior to coning-off of the highway.

The creative message flighted on Noswal House in Braamfontein makes use of reflective vinyl which is flighted post production over the initial printing work. The application of the vinyl "milk" demanded 100% accuracy applied only on specific areas of the creative. The milk being poured out the jug on the creative is highlighted at night as vehicle headlights reflect off the vinyl creating further stimuli for effectiveness. The erection and flighting of the site was executed by a team of experienced absailers off the side of the building.
Some might describe the erection of these sites as extreme flighting for extreme impact! The overall effect, however, more than outweighs the effort!