(23 February, 2012, Johannesburg) The US's most important annual sporting extravaganza - The Superbowl - highlights the significant potential of out of home advertising to ingeniously reach millions of consumers captivated by the media's promotion of the event. Continental Outdoor Media CEO Barry Sayer said South African outdoor media companies can harness South Africa's ubiquitous love of sport to uniquely engage viewers ahead of a major sporting event.

"Ahead of the Superbowl, brands across industry sectors invest more in promoting their products than at any other time of the year. This year, we saw how outdoor adverts embraced digital elements to differentiate brands. Each year, the creativity just gets better and blows consumers away," said Sayer.

Sayer cites various examples: leading up to the Superbowl, H&M painted a 150ft image of David Beckham on 34th Street, New York, to advertise Beckham's new 'bodywear. It took two weeks to complete – just in time for the Super Bowl. Then H&M placed branded over-sized bags in key locations across London to generate a buzz. The final commercial – which was televised – aired at the Superbowl.

According to FEPE International, Madonna took over 1,600 digital out-of-home screens across the US, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Belgium, Finland and the UK to launch her new single. The song was simultaneously played on various radio stations. The music video features cheerleaders and American footballers throughout and was released just days ahead her half-time performance at the Superbowl.

"International outdoor advertising trends indicate that we have to embrace media convergence to be more inventive, and ultimately to differentiate our brands amid information overload and clutter. We also have to be really astute when it comes to using sporting events as a platform in which to promote brands," said Sayer.

To view the ads, go to http://www.jcdecaux-oneworld.com/2012/02/super-bowl-2012-outdoor-adverts/