(25 February 2013) Continental Outdoor Media embrace environmental consciousness and a CSI initiative that improves education in Africa through a collaborative effort with DeskBags. Recycled flex faces from billboards are used to create durable eco-friendly school bags that double as portable desks. In February Continental Outdoor Media donated flex faces from 100 Super Signs and 500 Citilites to this initiative.

"In the words of Madiba, poverty is not an accident and can be removed by the actions of human beings. At DeskBags, we have seen first-hand how the vicious grasp of poverty is influencing the education of our future leaders. In our country alone, there are approximately four million learners that don't have access to school desks and will therefore not receive the education that they deserve," comments Madelain Roscher, Managing Director of DeskBags.

She continues, "It is thanks to the actions of companies such as Continental Outdoor Media that the quality of our children's futures is improved. From their substantial billboard donation we will be able to create approximately 11,000 DeskBags. Lives will be changed with this donation and for that we are very grateful."

The DeskBag allows the child to carry his or her books and stationery, while the flap is reinforced with durable ABB sheeting, that when folded open, allows for instant desk support. The bags are waterproof, reflective, and light enough for pre-primary scholars to use, and if looked after well can last a whole school career.

Corporates are invited to sponsor the donation of these bags to schools as part of their CSI strategies. The sponsor's brand is prominently displayed on the desk flap and if a company so chooses they can request that their own billboards are used for the manufacture. DeskBags are exclusively manufactured by previously disadvantaged or disabled employees.

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